Art & Paint for All

rimg_2937We are a small group of approximately 7-8 people who get together and do our own thing using pastels, watercolour, oils, acrylics, collage, graphite and/or colour pencils, whatever takes your fancy!

There is no formal teaching but we all stretch our legs and offer constructive comments as and when asked for. It is therefore not for complete beginners, who will require tuition, but those wanting some help. We are always happy to oblige and would love some more members.

So if in the past, you have enjoyed painting or drawing in any medium and want to take it up again or if you are currently painting or drawing and need a bit of help to learn more and improve, then please consider joining this very friendly group that share their love of ‘Art for All’.

Leader: Iona Leith-MacGregor / 01252 790959 /

Co-ordinator: Ron Jarmain / 01252 325762

Day & Time: Twice monthly on a Monday 13:45 to 15:45
Venue: Victoria Hall, Ash

Autumn Term 2018            Spring Term 2019

3rd and 17th September                                 7th and 21st January

1st 15th and 29th October                              4th and 18th February

12th and 26th November                               4th and 18th March

10th December                                                1st and 15th April

Summer Term 2019        Autumn Term 2019

29th April                                                    2nd 16th and 30th September

13th May (27th Bank Holiday)             14th and 28th October

10th and 24th June                                 11th and 25th November

8th and 22nd July                                    9th December