Poetry for Pleasure

We are a small group of poetry lovers who meet fortnightly in a member’s home to read poetry aloud and learn about the person who wrote the poems. Our programme throughout the year is varied and springs many surprises for most of us. Some members are keen to volunteer to talk about a poet while others prefer to listen.

We all agree however that our appreciation is enriched by hearing the poems read aloud either by ourselves or from recordings. We also enjoy DVDs made by or about poets.

Learning more about a poet leads us to rediscover his/her verse and the interesting part of choosing to take a poet to talk about means we cover a wide spectrum in taste, time and content. Some of us who thought we disliked a poet are surprised to find that after all there are merits to the verse and it is worth persevering to understand it. We discover poets we had never heard of, we are persuaded to read again the poems we had hated when studied at school and are pleasantly surprised to find that after all, there is something to be appreciated in them. Once we pool our ideas and discuss what we think the poet was trying to tell us, we find our appreciation of poetry enriched.

A lively discussion was provoked when we tried to define ‘poetry’ – and this is the joy of the poetry group; we do not always agree on what is liked or deemed ‘good’. There is always a termly programme so you can choose which meetings appeal to you and we are happy to welcome anyone who likes reading poetry, to themselves or aloud.
Leader Anne Hill 01252 687423

Day & Time Fortnightly on Mondays at 10.30 ’til noon’.
Venue Member’s Home



Programme for the Summer Term


16th April               It’s Spring Again! – poems for this season


30th April              Authors to Poets (Part 1)


14th May                Poems for Gardeners


11th June                 The World of Roger McGough


25th June                ‘Haven’t We Grown Up’ – poems about families


9th July                  America’s Pioneering Poet – Walt Whitman