Science & Technology


This is not ‘techie corner’, reserved for boffins, but an agreeable meeting place for those who respect the efforts of our forebears. It was they that forged Britain’s identity as a prime mover in previous and ongoing Industrial Revolutions. As a nation we’re  still leading, we should be proud.

You didn’t have to have been in ‘Science and Technology’ when at work to appreciate our Ash U3A S&T Group. Currently we are some 20 strong, from differing (if not obtuse) backgrounds, but with an interest in all things ‘technical’. Many of our Members have been so for a number of years, it’s interesting.

S&T Group does not publish a Programme a whole year ahead, but has not missed a monthly Meeting in the past 7 years! An e.Mail Calling Notice is issued to our Group Members a week before each Meeting to inform of the subject matter. As a flavour, our most recent Season included presentations on Rotary Engines, Earth Stations (communications), Rontgen (X Rays) and Peltier (thermo-electricity). But this is at ‘our level’, we’re not university professors! We also viewed occasional semi-technical DVDs.

It’s not all bleak and solemn, each year we have a Christmas Quiz (only lightly technical) and make two ‘away day’ visits. Last year we visited Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge and The Museum of Early English Life in Reading. That’s diverse, and not demanding!

If it all sounds a bit ‘too much’, then give us a try for a taster, you will not be disappointed. Our Meetings are fun, not fractious.

Leader: John Childs / 01252-310327 / 07703-316870 /

Day & Time: First Friday of the month. From 10:00 to 11:30 AM.

Venue: Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road.


Winter 2018                    Spring 2018

Friday 12th January        Friday 4th May (Away Day)

Friday 2nd February               Friday 1st June

Friday 2nd March                    Friday 6th July

Friday 6th April                (No Meeting in August)