Science & Technology

‘Science & Technology’, words that strike fear into the minds of many of the British population !

But not here in Ash where our S&T Group has been busily occupying itself once a month for 8 years now. There are no space rockets, no steam engines, nor unpronounceable technical jargon, just a gathering of locals with a respect for the world about us. And by ‘locals’ is meant regular citizens, some of whom might have a  background of ‘science’, but many who have not.

We don’t throw figures about (such as unimaginable sums used as bait in the ongoing debates) nor do we chew the cud on the latest national personality to bite the dust. We are about solid achievements and the celebration of those whose  efforts have given us the comfortable lifestyle we in Ash have long enjoyed. Surprisingly, many of these celebrants are mere ‘engineers’ or  ‘technicians’, as opposed to financial, political and economic wizards, responsible perhaps for realising the roads we travel along and the bridges over which we pass without a moments hesitation.

In the year just finished we included talks on Rainbows, Crossrail, Plastic Wrappings for Food, Trevithick and more. Much, but not all, of our content is generated ‘in house’, with us talking to us . We ‘go out’ occasionally, most recently to visit a museum collection of ‘post war to cold war aircraft’. Not interested ?, they helped preserve our current freedoms.

So this is not ‘lecture room’ formality, but friends and acquaintances’ talking to each other at a level we can all understand about matters of no allegedly strategic financial implication, but of real interest to the committed ‘thinker’.

If it all sounds a bit ‘too much’, then give us a try for a taster, you will not be disappointed. Our Meetings are fun, not fractious.

Leader: John Childs / 01252-310327 / 07703-316870 /

Day & Time:  First Friday of the month. From 10:00 to 11:30 AM.

Venue: Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road.

Dates for Science & Technology Group for 2019 are;

   Spring                          Summer

January 11th                              May 3rd  (Away Day)

February 1st                               June 7th

March 1st                                    July 5th

April 5th                                     August (No Meeting)



If you are interested in finding out more about us, please contact our Membership Secretary, Gay Buckingham, on 01252 656210,  or use our Contact Form , who will provide you with membership details. Click here to download a copy of the Membership Application Form.