Tai Chi

Tai Chi is practised all over the world by millions of people. There are many different forms, each one with its own benefits. The Ash U3A Tai Chi group practises the long form known as the 108 move set. This form helps improve circulation, balance, restores movement to joints and muscles and reduces stress. A new move is practised each week, building up the set over a six month period. After this we go back to the beginning and build on our knowledge of each move. There are no exams, tests or even a right or wrong way to do the moves. The Tai Chi journey is a personal thing with each person putting in and taking out as much as they are able.

We will be holding workshops 3-4 times a year to practised some of the moves in depth. We held the first Workshop in December 2017.

Anyone can join in at any time – it’s a ‘doing’ group not a learning group so new members are always welcome.

Leader: Graham Smith / 07921 859802

Co-ordinator: Beryl Wybrow / 01252 341945

Venue: Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road.

Every Friday starting on 8 September 2018

Beginners:  9.30am – 10.30am

Improvers: 10.45am – 11.45am

Download a pdf list of the 108 moves

This is a video of the Tai Chi set demonstrated by Master Moy Lin Shin:

And I’m in there somewhere: