News Roundup

An Urgent Appeal from the Chairman

Sally Barnard has now left the committee & Judy Hill has advised the committee that she wishes to relinquish her committee duties A.S.A.P.

We now urgently need two more committee members A.S.A.P and certainly from January 2020 onwards.

Both Sally & Judy are willing to help any new committee members get up to speed with the various responsibilities.

This is very important as  the committee would really struggle to function without two people to replace Sally & Judy.

 If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining the committee please ask them to have a word with me or Anne Everitt.

Derek Monds

To All members of the Theatre Group

To ensure this group can continue we need two or three volunteers to help Diane form a team to lead this group. Diane tells me that now Marija, due to ill health, is no longer able to help her, she is not able to continue organising these visits by herself.

Diane has also told me that so far out of a group of 46 people who expressed an interest in being part of this group, only groups of between 3 to 8 have gone on any of the theatre trips organised.

So, I’m asking two things:

  1. If you want the group to continue; two or three people need to volunteer and tell me that they are willing to help Diane with this group.
  2. We need the list of people interested to be accurate; if you want your name to continue to be on the list of those interested in going on a theatre visit, you need to advise me and then we can get an accurate updated list.

We need to get this sorted fairly quickly; so please don’t be too long with your response. Once we have your responses, we can make a decision and will let everyone know what is going to happen.

Best Regards

Derek Monds

Ash U3A


Inter U3A Quiz Challenge

We came 6th out of 11 teams, with a score of 145. The team in last place got 123 points. First place went to Milford, 167 points. 2nd place was Guildford with 166 (only one point in it!) Third place was Fleet with 158.


“Next monthly Meeting”

Due to the Coronavirus the monthly meeting has been suspended until further notice













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