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 Fresham Lane,Lindford,Bordon GU35 0QJ

Extra Garden Visit to Hanging Hostas Garden

At meeting car park opposite Victoria Hall Ash Hill Road at 9.30

Fresham Lane,Lindford,Bordon GU35 0QJ

Cost: £3.50 With Talk, Tea or coffee included

Open Garden for NGS

This garden is packed with almost 2000 plants. The collection of over 1300 hosta cultivars is one of the largest in England. Hostas are displayed at eye level to give a wonderful tapestry of foliage and colour. Islamic garden, waterfall and stream garden, cottage garden. Talks given to garden clubs

They only open to public for one week. The Journey is about 20 minutes from here.

We will be leaving at 9.30  for  this visit,  as there are only two booking in day, I have booked 10.00am one.

Please email me or phone me  if you are interested in going thank you.

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