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Ash u3a Monthly Meeting

203 Vale Rd, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU12 5JE

The Weird & Wonderful World of the Law

From 2:15 p.m. for 2:30 p.m. start

St. Mary's Church Hall

203 Vale Rd, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU12 5JE

Organiser: Jackie Hurr/Chair / for more information phone 07742 657652

Speaker: David Allen

David is a speaker and storyteller with a fascination for workings of the legal system.

His talk is an enjoyable romp through the legal world: drawing on over 25 years as a locum solicitor travelling around the country, encountering raging judges, dotty clients, and weird cases.  Join David on a sideways journey through bizarre true-life oddities, daft old laws still in place, and political correctness gone raving mad!



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