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Ash u3a Monthly Meeting

203 Vale Rd, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU12 5JE

Florence Nightingale - The Lady with the Lamp. This is a special "Bring a Friend" meeting

From 2:15 p.m. for 2:30 p.m. start

St. Mary's Church Hall

203 Vale Rd, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU12 5JE

Cost: Members are invited to bring a friend along to the this particular meeting which is free for both of you.

Organiser: Diana Wilson / for more information phone 07742 657652

Speaker: Paul Whittle

Born in 1820 Florence Nightingale lived to the age of 90 and achieved far more than she is generally known for during the Crimean War. She was instrumental in making nursing in Britain a respectable and skilled profession whilst her initiatives in health care and hospital design are still relevant today.

Paul's talk covers her life and achievements, and the places with which she is associated. Finally a look at the Crimea today.








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