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Poetry for Pleasure

This group meets to read poetry together, to discuss what we read, discover poets old in time but new to some of us and also find out about new voices of the 21st century. Above all, our aim is to enjoy poetry and sometimes compose our own poems!

Leader:  Anne Hill 01252 687423

Day & Time:  Monthly on Mondays at 10.30 ’til noon’.
Venue:  Member’s Home

Poetry Programme

Each member of our poetry group is presenting a session at our meetings in 2022  with a theme of their own choice –

7th February                                      Sue Baker

7th March                                          Len Maryon

4th April                                            Anne Hill

9th May                                             Anne Hill

6th June                                             Irene Cummings

4th July                                              Mick Hills



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If you are interested in finding out more about us, please contact our Membership Secretary, Gay Buckingham, on 01252 656210,  or use our Contact Form , who will provide you with membership details.

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