Bringing People Together

Quiz Team

The Ash U3A Quiz Group operates in a different way to most groups in that we do not meet regularly; instead the members form a pool of quizzers who represent the U3A at local events.

Throughout the year, the Group Leader looks out for quiz nights then contacts members in rotation when one is due and makes up a team from those who are available. This means the people making up the team, and thus their specialist knowledge, is different every time.

At the moment we attend several quizzes a year in local venues which raise money for local organisations and we take part in the annual U3A Challenge cup in Hartley Wintney. All quizzes charge an entry fee which is payable by the individual not the U3A and winnings (often just Smarties!) are kept by the individual.

So if you are a keen quizzer and would like to be added to a pool of people who can be called upon to represent us, please get in touch with Penny Thomsett.

Leader Penny Thomsett – tel: 01252 655914

Day & Time No fixed times, vary by quiz events
Venue – We have no regular venue

Latest news from the quiz team

We have won some of the quizzes and lost some others but we have had a lot of laughs and made some new friends along the way. There is always room for a few more members so think about joining us.