Bringing People Together

Table Tennis Group 1

The Victoria Hall venue has excellent facilities providing a good table and net. The number of members is restricted by the size of the current venue but if you think you might like to play please phone/email the contact below before coming for the first time. It must be emphasised that this is a relaxed group who do this for fun. Our group can be considered to be of intermediate standard.

All you need to bring is a table tennis bat which you can get from Sports Direct or similar outlet. The modest cost of the hall hire is shared by group members.

We play the current scoring rules, i.e. game finishes at 11 points with service changing every 2 points.

Leader: Peter Churchley – tel: 01252 343227

Day & Time: Table Tennis is held fortnightly on alternate Wednesdays of each month from 2pm until 4pm on the dates below.

Spring Term 2024

Jan – 3, 17, 31          

Feb – 14, 28        

Mar – 13, 27       

Apr – 10, 24 

Summer Term 2024

May – 8, 22      

Jun – 5, 19       

Jul – 3, 17, 31   

Aug – 14, 28      


Venue: The Victoria Hall, Ash Hill Road