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Tai Chi Sabre

The origins of the Taoist Tai Chi Sabre Set are believed to go back to Chang Sang Fen. Comprised of 27 move, the set brings the benefits of working the physiology at the skeleton-muscular level.

Spirals, one-legged dan yus and overhead circular motions are predominant features helping the stretching and relaxation of the shoulders and of the upper back.

Practiced diligently, this set favours the opening of the upper gate that connects the spine with the head.

Class Details

Leader: Graham Smith / 07921 859802

Venue: Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road.

Time: Every Friday from 10.30am to 11am.

Cost: £15 for as long as it lasts.


The video below is a demonstration of the Tai Chi Sabre set:

The 27 Moves of the Tai Chi Sabre Set

  1. Commencement
  2. Change hands
  3. Evade, extend and lunge
  4. Left and right push sabre
  5. Upward cut and penetrate with hand
  6. The beauty runs to the moon
  7. Fair lady throws shuttles
  8. Hide sabre and push
  9. Fair lady throws shuttles
  10. Hide sabre and push
  11. Raise leg and pierce
  12. Hide sabre
  13. Move to left and pierce upwards
  14. Hide sabre and push
  15. Lower body to tame tiger
  16. Change hands and cut downwards
  17. Raise leg and pierce
  18. Hide sabre and push
  19. Turn to pierce
  20. Left and right upper cut
  21. Fair lady throws shuttles
  22. Jump and hide sabre
  23. Shift steps and throw shuttles
  24. Evade
  25. Change hands
  26. Retreat to form seven stars
  27. Return to origin

Buying a Sabre

There are many online stores you can buy a sabre:


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